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Legend Lands

About Us

Legend Lands & Partners

Legend Lands & it's partners forming the LLS group where the team of companies doing joined business in Middle east and specially IRAQ, our goal is creating better future for the Arab countries in the area 

Business dimentions

we provide services over diffrent sectors 

  • IT solutions 
  • construction
  • supplies & logistics
  • consultancy 
  • Training

LLS Group NEW Business sectors

we are extending to new business sectors in 2018 we will launch 

  •  Media center : include live FM radio station & short movies production.
  • Clean Energy : we focus on solar power solutions and development specially we have plenty of sun time in Middle east.

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LLS Group

HQ Address:Microsoft Learning Center-LLS Group -Grage 2000st. - AL Masbah

+964 7901361564